Sihl_header_polysol_930x1102 solvent/UV Roll-up Films

3515 - PolySOL Roll-up Film satin 180 µm

Satin finish, waterfast polyester film for solvent inks: Greyback means more than 99.9% opacity - excellent for free-standing roll-up applications. Superb flatness allows this media to be used for a wide range of signage, advertising, and POS applications. The innovative coating and the bright white lead to a quick drying time and a wide colour gamut with eco-, mild-, and true-solvent inks. The product is suitable for both hot and cold lamination.


  • Greyback offers high opacity
  • Quick dry
  • Tear resistant polyester base
  • Waterfast prints
  • High colour brilliance
  • Certified for HP Latex Inks


  • Roll-up/Pop-up Displays

    Advertising presentations in the form of either a free-standing partition or display stand for department stores and exhibitions.

  • Indoor signs

    For internal information boards, signs or advertising banners in buildings.

  • Indoor adverts

    For indoor advertising: e. g. concerts, theatres, cinemas or product promotions in shops.

  • Outdoor signage

    Mounted advertising or information boards such as signs, maps or banners, i. e. con-struction signs, POS, decoration, exhibitions.

  • Outdoor suitable

    This product is weatherproof and can with-stand long-term outdoor application.

  • Dimensionally stable

    Thanks to its base material and construc-tion, this product has remarkable dimen-sional stability under atmospheric changes (temperature and humidity) – altering neither in length or width.

  • Edge tear strength

    This product has a particularly high tear resistance : it will only tear and continue to rip should one of the edges become dam-aged or excessive force is used.

  • High value charateristics

    This product radiates high value.

  • Blockout

    Media impervious to light.

  • Quick dry - Instant dry

    Thanks to the unique structure of the coating inks dry instantly, leaving prints wipeable shortly after printing, therefore allowing immediate application.

  • Inkjet with IR / latex Ink

    Infrared curing ink, e. g. latex ink as used in the HP DJ L- or Scitex LX series, which adheres of most flat and clean surfaces. Pro-cess needs heat resistant media, which does not shrink or ripple during the print cycle.

  • Inkjet with solvent Ink

    Solvent or eco-solvent based pigmented ink, which are used in printer systems like Epson, Mutoh, Mimaki, Roland, etc.